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Hair Transplant

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Your hair in the right hands

We specialize in world-class medical treatments — and are internationally renowned for our effective approach to hair treatment for men and woman. The leading hair specialists at our partner hospitals can advise you on what to expect from each hair loss treatment and personally recommend the best procedure for your unique hair loss situation.

Hair Loss can also be described as the regeneration of hair itself. Normal hair loss is daily around 80-100 strands. The loss exceeding this amount is not normal and needs to be treated. Despite the medical treatments, in cases where hair loss continues the sole and definite solution is the hair transplantation which is a surgical method.

Medical Treatment
The lotions and shampoos having contents of minoxidil is the sole medicine the impact of which was proved. Methods apart from that are not proved by the data of the positive sciences. Thus there are no suggestions of treatment methods for the hair losses exceptionally caused by factors concerning the metabolism.

What is Hair Transplantation?
It is the process of resection of hair roots from a coded area on the neck, between two ears which has not yet started losing hair, and their transplantation to the area where loss takes place by appropriate methods.

These most common one is:  Follicular Unit Extraction |FUE]

In some patients there is a need for Hair Transplant with Vaccination.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplantation Methods

1. How long does the process take?
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique takes approximately between 4 and 6 hours.

2. Do I feel any pain or aching?
Hair transplantation procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and does not cause any pain or aching.

3. Which technique do you suggest?
The latest technique used globally is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

4. Do the transplanted hairs definitely appear?
Yes, they do. Preparation of the grafts (hair root) and the application of the correct technique are the key factors determining the result. When they are achieved, the result is 100% success. That's why we give LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

5. When can I go out?
You can go out right after the procedure.

6. When can I have a bath and what are the things with which I should be careful?
The first 3 days are important. Your first wash will be done by us at the hospital, and we will show you how to wash it for the first 10 days. Keep in mind that the grafts have been newly transplanted and average 10 days are needed for the follicles to settle into their places. After 10 days, do as you wish.

7. When do the transplanted hairs appear?
The transplanted hair follicles begin to emerge as tiny particles about 15-20 days after the procedure. They grow with the regular growth speed of your hair. Always give 6-12 months for the hair to reach its original thickness.

8. Would it be apparent that I had hair transplantation?
NO, your transplanted hair is still your hair and will not be any different than the others.

9. How much would it cost?
The cost of the operation depends on your needs and what level of procedure is needed. Most surgeons base their pricing structure according to the graft number at an average of 3-5 Euros per graft. In Europe and UK, during an average hair transplant, around 3,000 grafts are being processed and it could cost over 9,000 Euros.

We prefer to base it on the number of sessions you need as your designated operation theatre and surgical team will be with you during the whole day independent from the number of grafts needed. In general, ONE SESSION is enough to achieve the desired result. However, based on the density of your donor area and on the area, you need operated on, some patients require TWO SESSIONS.

This is why we ask you to send us your photos from different angles to determine how many sessions you are needed.

Our price per session is
1,800 (Our special campaign enables us to offer you our services at €1,200) Euros. Included within this price is the Hair Transplant procedure, PRP-Treatment, Medications, Wound Care/Dressing, Post-Op Wash, Translators

We are aware that price is a key element when decision making.  That is why we will try to price match any operation and treatment that is exactly the identical procedure and package. Since every operation is custom made and based on the individual needs of the patient, we would kindly request you to send us the "official quotation that you have received" so we can verify it and we will work very hard to confirm the same price and package.

When calculating the cost, please don't forget to include the cost of flight and accommodation. Also keep in mind that you will be staying in Istanbul for at least 3 days after the operation. You are asked to return to the hospital for the first post-wash where you will be shown how to handle your hair for the first phase to ensure not to damage the transplanted hair roots.

We are here to help.

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